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Suunto watches are world-renowned for their high quality construction and design. The Suunto brand name means precision and durability - so whatever you use your Suunto watch for, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with wearing an accurate instrument that you can trust under any circumstances.

Suunto Watches are world-renowned for providing their owners with superior technology, first-rate quality, and total reliability. Suunto designs nothing but the most accurate and dependable instruments that you can trust under any circumstances.

Sportselement.ru is a authorized Suunto dealer. We carry every current version of every Suunto watch, abundant Suunto Watch accessories and Suunto's full line of precision compasses. We provide all of the information you may need to make an educated decision about which watch is right for you.

We're constantly working to improve our customer experience, know our products the best we can, use them, and stay current on all the new stuff on the market. If we don't answer the phone during business hours, we're in a group meeting or in a clinic learning more about the products we sell. But we call and email everyone back.

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